Dating in Library is for anybody who likes people who like libraries. The best part about Dating in Library is that, even if you don't meet, I don't know, Brad Pitt, at least you'll still be able to take comfort in being at the library, where there is no shortage of books, DVDs, newspaper archives, journals, and an array of free internet-connected computers for your perusing pleasure. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to wear a hat. Any hat is fine - it's not a contest. There's no free trip to Vegas. But please find us Wednesdays 18 and 25 September 2013, at Oakland Main Library, 125 14th Street. Bring a friend and wear a hat. 18:30~19:45. Afterward some of us go for ginger soup dessert and other delicacies at the most wonderful place by the fish fountain in the mall: Sweet Booth! The dude is badass and his drinks are bomb.nom. If someone could also bring a piano, that would be great. After Sweet Booth we can dine at the new location of Shooting Star Hong Kong Cafe or the classic location of Guilin Classic Rice Noodles. These are restaurants that are open late and are dedicated to fulfilling your every desire, if you crave only delicious and nutritious food, including the ever-popular snow fungus (tastes like bones). Library likers need sustenance in word and food form. But hollld on to yer hats 'n' glasses! This here's the WILDEST library in the WILDERNESS! Come on out for a hootin' 'n' hollerin' indoor-outdoor carpet voice industrial-strength humdinger of a good time. Free horse parking by the bike racks out front. We'll see you there! Happy trails to you until we meet again. Peace to the rainforest of words raining down in a million and one books at the Oakland, California, wonderful funderful library of information for you and me and every one of us! | @DatingInLibrary |

NOT an official Oakland Public Library sponsored event. But the librarians are still super cool.

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